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Milo’s Sire is Field Trials Champion Glencarw Rhys

His Dam is Dixie who is by INT FTCH and Irish Championship Winner Hattenwood Broc

                         Mated to INT FTCH and English Championship Winner Philips Girl.
Read on to find out more about his temperment and natural ability and his availability at stud…
Milo was the last puppy I produced out of FTCH Glencarw Rhys and he is carrying some of the traits that Rhys had, that is to say, he was easy to train, and you would never try to do you. Hard in cover, but equally stylish and flashy in white grass, with a low hunting action. He was a pleasure to train, one of the quickest and simplest dog’s we have ever trained, everything with him was natural. He fits in to all aspects of shooting, i.e. top field trials competitive dog, also great companion for me when I am shooting on the peg. He is one of those rare dogs that I like, that will sit on the peg all day, whether it is a 100 bird day or 400 bird day, he will just sit there with four or five other dogs, but when you ask him to work, he goes like the wind.
He has already covered quite a few bitches of my own, and several of other peoples, if you look on ‘Puppies due’ there are several bitches pregnant to him now.
Looking at the puppies that we have seen out of him already, I am glad to say that it looks like they are showing promise of having lots of drive and style, whilst still having that biddible nature, that makes them easy to train, so you don’t have to be a professional to make a good job, they seem to be natural.
I am glad to say that a lot of the people that I respect in the field trial game have given me positive feedback on Milo. Sometimes you can get blinded with your own dog. They seem to like the power and the ability to hit cover that they have seen in him, we have had many calls congratulating myself and the dog on becoming a Field Trials champion. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those people for congratulating me on my wins, it means as much as winning to have so many nice comments from people that I respect.
You don’t have to be a trialler or a professional to use Milo…I believe he will be able to enhance the average man’s shooting dog because of the ease of training and loving nature that Milo has. I would like to think that he is also going to produce some great shooting companions, I know he is and one or two puppies he has are showing these abilities.
– CLEAR PRK Deficiency
– CLEAR Fucosidosis