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OFTW Clearmeadow Solo

Clearmeadow solo, known as Max. Max is now an Open Field Trail Winner, who has been working hard to get there. Max is a medium-sized dog, very athletic, but with a very soft, easy nature, much like his father, Raven Inquest. He seems to have the same traits. The ability to sit and go asleep at the peg whilst I am shooting, as you will have seen in some of my pictures, but when asked, will hunt hard and fast. He is a very easy dog to handle, most of the time there is no need for any whistle at all. He is a great retriever.

Health Tested –

  • CLEAR EYES PRA cord 1

I have used him on several of my bitches and he seems to be throwing good qualities, natural retrievers, good hunting and a great ability to learn quickly. I hope there will be a great future for his prodigy. He is now standing at stud.