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FTW Phortaigh Dair Of Countryways – Scrumpy (Fully Tested)

Scrumpy is a new young award-winning dog that Andrea has been running this season, has tremendous style and drive, great in cover, and is set to become a dog to watch in the future. Andrea has run him in 15 trials in her first season, and she has won 12 awards, and unfortunately just lost out in first place in a run-off.

Scrumpy has a lovely temperament, being really kind, just like his mother that we also own, FTAW Whiznic Waltz of Countryways. With a beautiful action, low head carriage and low tail, but has great drive and game sense. We have already used him on several of our bitches and are very pleased with the outcome.

Scrumpy has been fully tested.

  • CLEAR EYES KC/BVA/ISDS unaffected
  • GPRA, CPRA, Eye Gonioscopy
  • CLEAR DNA Tests
  • CLEAR Fucosidosis
  • CLEAR PFK Deficiency
  • CLEAR Cord1 – PRA
  • Goniodysgenesis
  • Primary Glaucoma