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My name is David Templar, I own Countryways Gundogs. It has been my hobby for the last thirty years to own and train predominantly gundogs, though I have also worked with fox hounds. I became professional in 1987, where we started training for the shooting field and competition. In those days I used to train quite a lot of Labradors as well as most pointer breeds. Breaking into competitive spaniels around 7 years later.

I consider myself as slightly different to most kennels as I still shoot a lot of driven days, and spend a great deal of my time shooting over dogs. We like to produce a fit athletic type of dog, but with a soft, easy temperament. I believe that temperament is paramount to the development of a good companion.

Over the years we have sold dogs to all walks of life. Lots of our dogs would go as companion dogs/pets. A large percentage go as hunting dogs, and the rest as competitive dogs. We pride our self in taking a great deal of time with each of our customers so that they end up with the right dog for them. We stand on our reputation, and most people are now on their second or third dog from us.

We believe its all in the breeding, that is why I have some of the top bred bitches in the country and I am not afraid to bring in new blood lines. I believe that everybody deserves a dog that is easy to train.

Anybody that would like to come and visit us, all they need to do is give us a call and make an appointment. We have just finished out new purpose-build kennels which after work and development we think it is very good. Fitted with air conditioning, it is warm and cosy.