Milo becomes Field Trials Champion

Milo, now known as Field Trials Champion Clearmeadow Flash

We at countryways are ecstatic to finally breed, train and produce a field trials champion, it has only taken 27 years to produce a dog myself, so we are over the moon as you have probably read in my write up on Milo, he was one of the easiest dogs that we have ever trained. He has a lovely nature, but with lots of power, he qualified to run in the English and the Irish chmapionship, by winning the North Devon open qualifier, and also winning the Wiltshire open qualifier, and of course doing his water test which now makes him a champion. We took him to the Irish championship in the last few days, I would like to think he had a good first run, very long almost 40 minutes with three finds on pheasant, two on woodcock, finally with a long retrieve on a woodcock, and finally a retrieve on hen pheasant. He started off quite well, on his second run, but unfortunately flushed several pheasants on the edge of some 5ft high bullrushes where one of the birds was shot into the lake, which was full of bullrushes, sent for the retrieve and was distracted by multiple flushes finally picking the retrieve but making a bit of mess. The ground in the Irish championship was perfect, the game supply and the work that the keeper and his helpers had done was as good as any trial or championship that I have attended. It was just going to come down to luck on the day, of where the birds fell, but that is trialling. I went to the championship with six or seven good friends from England, and I believe we all had a good time. It was nice to see Spam with a big smile on his face, he had a certificate of merit and he was elated, I Would like to congratulate Gary Vizey for coming fourth plac, he travelled up with me and he didn’t rub it in too much! And of course I would like to congratulate John again for winning, I know it must mean so much to him, as we all wait for our day.

The English championship is in Norfolk this year, on the 9/10/11th January, where we will be hoping to do a little bit better with Milo. But I can say I am over the moon, and I have had a wonderful season.

Later on in the spring I am sure you will be able to see the full length of the Irish Championship, that Paul French is rushing to produce, lets hope he makes me look good!

Obviously, Milo is now standing at stud, just waiting for those bitches!