Catch us on “Cats vs Dogs”

Alongside a busy period of championships and shooting, I helped in the making of a BBC2 programme “Cats vs Dogs” where I was asked to demonstrate control and handling.

For this we filmed for three hours, demonstrating handling and control of nine dogs at the same time. I chose nine of my most competitive dogs for […]

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2015 Season… A late review

This season I decided to run three of our main dogs, FTCH Brynfedi Adle of Countryways, Clodhahill Onya, and Lisgarvagh Eyre, while Andrea ran Whiznic Waltz of Countryways and Phortaigh Dair of Countryways, as well as our little cocker Countryways Knight.

All of these had some success, Adle had several runs in open stakes, managing […]

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We have some fantastic cocker puppies available at the moment. They are all adventurous, fun loving , affectionate and extremely tactile.

Please look at individual posts for details. Some are suitable as active family pets, while others will make brilliant working, trailing dogs.

Just give us a call and we can talk you through the individual […]

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A quick update…

As you can see, we have a new website… we hope you all like it! We would love to hear your feedback and if you have any testimonials or pictures of your dog that you would like to be added, please send them to us.

Back to the dogs,I started the season off well, I […]

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Milo gets a chance to represent England

Milo gets a chance to represent England
On the 28th April 2012, David and Milo were invited to the England selection qualifier, at the Drakeshead Kennels. There were 30 of the top handlers in the country invited to the selection, judged by Jeremy Organ and Steve Bolton, two A-panel judges. John Halstead with the judges […]

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Milo becomes Field Trials Champion

Milo becomes Field Trials ChampionMilo, now known as Field Trials Champion Clearmeadow Flash
We at countryways are ecstatic to finally breed, train and produce a field trials champion, it has only taken 27 years to produce a dog myself, so we are over the moon as you have probably read in my […]

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Great News from the Championship

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A win for Sam

A WIN FOR SAM!Beggarbush Dash of Countryways, I managed to finish the season off with a bang, fulfilling more than all of my ambitions for the season. By going out and winning one of the last trials of the year. We were to go to Lydney to the English Springer Spaniel club of Wales, […]

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