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    Oakleaf Bozo, FIELD TRAIL WINNER Black Labrador now standing at stud

Oakleaf Bozo, FIELD TRAIL WINNER Black Labrador now standing at stud

Our greatest addition to the team. OAKLEAF BOZO (Jo) award winning trailing dog.


Hip 4/4
eye Clear
CNM Clear
prcd-PRA Clear

He is a strong hard hunting dog, a joy to watch him working. Jo has a great presence and positively jogs along, he is kind and has a good eye.

Now also […]

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Stud Dogs

Here at Countryways we like to offer a variety of stud dogs.We have FTCHAMPIONS and FTWINNERS in all three breeds,and a variety of colours.

We hope to help you select the right dog to match up to your bitches,as if you understand stud dogs they throw certain traits that can compliment […]

FTW Strong Blabe

Even though Jake only needed two points to become a champion, I still believe, he is a fine dog. Spending most of his time, shooting with me. Whether it would be grouse shooting, just a walk up or even sitting patiently on a 1000 bird day, whilst a I am loading, he is still […]

Kenmilquin Bob Swift (at Stud)

FTW Beggarbush Dash

FTAW Harrock Hill Leader

Health Screening
Hips: 3/3
Eyes: Clear

SireFTCH Kenue Fir of Leadburn
Hips: 7/7 Eyes: Clear

SireINT FTCH Theoweir Turramurra Teal
SireFTW Ballyellery Adder

DamFTCH Towerline Swift

DamFTCH Croftweit Solo
SireFTCH Croftweit Ricochet

DamWelston Tanya

DamGreenbriar Tumble
Hips: 2/2 Eyes: Clear

SireFTCH Birdbrook Arrow of Craigfellin
(British Championship Winner)

SireFTCH Tibea Tosh

DamFTCH Purdey of Bonhote

DamFobbingacres Fern of Green
SireFTCH Raughlin Pete of Drakeshead

DamDrakeshead Myth of Fobbingacres

*click any image to view […]

Carolhill Valhalla

He has been mated with several bitches and I am very excited to see what this gorgeous dog will produce. 
Health Screening
KC / BVA Schemes

SireFTCH Auchendolly Beaver
Hips: 6/5 Eyes: Clear

SireFTCH Glenbriar Alder
SireFTCH Haretor Mark of Drakeshead

DamFTCH Glenbriar Skippy

DamFTAWS Linksview Lisa
SireFTCH Tibea Tosh

DamFTW Gartshore Blaise

DamFTW Glenbriar Ember of Carolhill
Hips: 3/5 Eyes: Clear

SireFTCH Glenbriar Solo

SireFTCH Pocklea Remus

DamFTCH Glenbriar […]

Mallowdale Freddy of Countryways

Young red cocker, one of the last puppies from Chyknell Gold Star. Still a young dog but will trial if he makes the grade. As you can see from his breeding, he is impeccably bred. Both sire and dam are field trials champions.

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